Welcome to the Segalman Group at UC Santa Barbara!

Professor Segalman discusses the group's research interests in this video produced by the UCSB College of Engineering:

We welcome you to look at our research interests and publications for a more in-depth look at what our group does.

Group News

September 2016: Congratulations to Emily for winning a best talk award at the 9th Annual Clorox–Amgen Graduate Student Symposium

September 2016: The UCSB Current covers Profs. Segalman's and Chabinyc's recent DOE grant award to study next-generation thermoelectrics

September 2016: Check out photos of our annual group retreat here. This year's topic: electrochemistry.

September 2016: Good luck to Bhooshan in your new position at Dow Chemical!

August 2016: Welcome to our new graduate student Nicole Michenfelder-Schauser!