Welcome to the Segalman Group at UC Santa Barbara!

Professor Segalman discusses the group's research interests in this video produced by the UCSB College of Engineering:

We welcome you to look at our research interests and publications for a more in-depth look at what our group does.




Group News

July 2016: Welcome to our new post-doc Shubhaditya Majumdar!

June 2016: Good luck to Chris (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) and George (Interface Biologics, Inc.) in your new positions!

May 2016: Congratulations to our newest faculty alumni—Adrianne Rosales (Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering at UT Austin), Ayash Sahu (Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering at NYU), Chris Evans (Assistant Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), and Miguel Modestino (Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering at NYU)

March 2016: Congratulations to Anastasia for winning the 3rd place poster prize in the Division of Polymer Physics at the APS March Meeting

March 2016: Congratulations Haiyu on your position at Micron Technology, Inc. — all the best for the future!

January 2016: Congratulations to two poster award winners: Elayne Thomas for the Ed Kramer Poster Award at the MROP Symposium, and Anastasia Patterson for the J. Poly. Sci. Poster Award at the Ed Kramer Memorial Symposium

December 2015: Congratulations to many of our lab members for publications in Chemical Science, Macromolecules, and ACS Macro Letters

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