Gabriel Sanoja

Ph.D. Chemical Engineering (UC Berkeley, 2016)

B.S. Chemical Engineering / MIT (2012)

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Research description: Proton Conducting Membranes

I am interested in ion-containing block copolymers. I have developed synthetic strategies that allow for precise control over the molecular structure of these materials, and guarantees scalability for extensive physical characterization and electrochemical device incorporation. I seek to understand the thermodynamics of self-assembly of ion-containing block copolymers, and the effect of the resulting nanostructures on the bulk transport properties (e.g. ionic conductivity and gas permeability). The insights of my work on the structure-property relationships of ion-containing block copolymers allows us to elucidate design rules for development of novel ion-conducting membranes for electrochemical devices such as fuel cells and solar-fuels generators. 

Brief Bio:

I obtained my B.S in Chemical Engineering (2012) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Since my sophomore year, I was involved in polymer research in Prof. Bradley D. Olsen laboratory understanding the self-assembly of protein-containing block copolymers. My PhD work focuses on elucidating structure-property relationships of ion-conducting membranes. While at Berkeley, I was part of the Joint Center for Artificial Photosynthesis (JCAP), a DOE hub between Caltech and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, focused on development of an artificial solar-fuel generator. For leisure, I enjoy cooking, playing squash, wine tasting, and other activities around the SB and SF area.