Bhooshan Popere

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

PhD Organic/Polymer Chemistry / UMass Amherst

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Bio and Research Interests:

I received my Ph.D. in Organic/Polymer Chemistry from UMass Amherst. My dissertation is focused on understanding the relationship between structure and optoelectronic properties of p-conjugated systems within the purview of organic electronic materials. Presently, my research involves understanding nano-confined discretely doped regions in single-crystalline silicon. As the semiconductor device dimensions continue to scale down to sub-10 nm feature sizes, controlling the precise dosage and spatial position of doped regions is vital to the device function. In a bottom-up approach to address this problem, I am investigating block copolymer directed self-assembly to confine dopants in 3-D nano-domains in Si. Some important challenges in this approach include 1) Precise pattern transfer and dopant diffusion into the underlying Si substrate, 2) Quantifying the areal dosage and 3) Visualizing the nanoconfined doped regions. Some of the techniques that I use to address these, include: scanning probe microscopy (SPM), secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS), atom probe tomography (ATP), cross-section TEM (x-TEM/EELS). 

In addition, I am interested in understanding the fundamental impact of ionic groups on the thermoelectric properties of mixed ionic/electronic conductors. Most p-conjugated materials in their doped state have associated counterions. It is unclear whether the role of these counterions is limited to passive stabilization of the polarons, or these ions cooperatively affect the thermoelectric properties of the overall system. By designing block copolymer systems that structurally disentangle the electronic and ionic conducting blocks, in principle, one could deconvolute the contribution of the individual blocks to the overall thermoelectric behavior.