Barbara Ekerdt

PhD Candidate, 5th year / Chemical Engineering (UC Berkeley)

B.S. Chemical Engineering / University of Texas (2010)

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Research description: Peptide-functionalized Nanostructured Block Copolymers for Stem Cell Differentiation

Self-assembly of block copolymer in thin films to explore effect of nanopatterned surfaces on neural stem cell differentiation. 

Brief Bio:

I grew up in Austin, Texas and went to The University of Texas at Austin for undergrad. While there, I researched with Dr. Nicholas Peppas for three years on various biomaterials and molecular recognition projects, including recognitive hydrogels that recognize glucose for insulin delivery and pH-sensitive hydrogels for use as microsensors. I also worked with Dr. George Georgiou on enzyme engineering for cancer treatment. I interned with Frito-Lay in their Research and Development area and also with a start-up company making biomaterials and other hydrogels. In my free time I enjoy outdoor activities like windsurfing, camping, and running, as well as exploring the Bay area and doing arts and crafts.