Amer Hamidi-Sakr

Postdoctoral Research Scholar

Ph.D. Physics and Soft-Matter Physics / University of Strasbourg

Masters Condensed-Matter and Nanophysics / University of Strasbourg

B.Sc General Physics / Lebanese University

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Research Interest:

Focusing on semiconducting polymers, we try to understand and enhance the electric and thermoelectric properties of these soft-materials. We aim to understand the impact of morphology and electrochemical doping on optical, charge-transport and the thermoelectric properties of these materials. Using my skills in Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM), I am also contributing to other side projects by acquiring TEM images for various materials in thin films.

Brief Bio:

I am French and Lebanese, born and raised in Lebanon where I acquired my B.Sc in Physics in 2009. I traveled to Dubai and worked as a Mathematics and Physics teacher for college students. After that, I moved to France to pursue my graduate studies. Ranking 3rd in my Masters class I was granted ministerial fundings to complete my Ph.D. in the Institue of Charles Sadron in Strasbourg.  Advised by Dr. Martin Brinkmann, I finished my thesis Titled: Oriented Polythiophenes thin films: Correlations with Optical, Charge-transport and thermoelectric properties. I am currently working as a Postdoctoral Research Scholar at UCSB co-advised by Dr. Rachel Segalman and Dr. Michael Chabinyc. I am aiming that my current career path will lead me to establish my research group and be a Professor at a reputable University.  

When I am not in the lab working, you will find me at the gym or beach or reading. I am highly interested in the science of nutrition and health. I like traveling, spending time with friends and family and socializing!