Yuanyi (Alex) Zhang

Ph.D. Candidate, 5th year / Chemical Engineering
Co-advised with Chris Bates

B.S. Chemistry / Tsinghua University (2015)

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Research description: Polymers for semiconductor doping and selective deposition

Self-assembly of block copolymers in thin films for precise doping of semiconductors, and selective spin-on deposition of polymers on heterogeneous surfaces


I grew up in Hubei, China and graduated in 2015 from Tsinghua University with a B.S. in Chemistry. In Tsinghua, I started my research on polymers in Prof. Baohua Guo's group on deceleration of the degradation of plastic films. Then I worked with Prof. Lei Tao on developing novel polymer adhesive via Biginelli reaction and synthesis of polymer brushes in one pot. Thanks to Tsinghua Xuetang Program, I had the opportunity to work with Prof. Andrew Livingston (Imperial College London) in 2014 summer. In my spare time, I enjoy cooking, swimming, playing badminton and of course watching movies.